Big Bore Kit 300cc Wiseco, Honda NSR250 MC18/MC21/MC28


High Performance 300cc Big Bore Kit für die Honda NSR250 MC18 / MC21 / MC28

2x Zylinder (inkl. Stehbolzen, Muttern, und RC Valve komplett)
2x Zylinderkopf
2x Wiseso Kolben mit Kolbenringen, Kolbenbolzen, Clips, Lager
2x Zylinderfußdichtung
2x Zylinderkopfdichtung
2x RC Valve Kabel
1x Kühlerschlauch
2x Auslass Adapter für TYGA Auspuffanlage

59mm (Bohrung) x 54.5mm (Hub)
Hubraum: 298ccm


This 300cc Big Bore Kit is identical to the TPER-0007 300cc Big Bore Kit, but the standard 300cc pistons are replaced with high performance options.

In this case we have forged Wiseco pistons that are lighter and stronger than stock. They use Wiseco rings, clips and pins.

See below for performance details for TPER-0007.

Bore & Stroke is 59mm x 54.5mm giving a total displacement of 298cc.

Parts included in the NSR300 kit.

Cylinder x 2 (includes head studs, RC valve, pulley & nut and washers)

Rear Head x 1
Front Head x 1
Piston x 2
Ring set x 2
Piston Pin x 2
Piston Clip x 4
S/E Bearing x 2
Head gasket x 2
Cylinder gasket x 2
RC Valve cables x 4
Water hose x 1

Exhaust Manifold x 2 (to fit TYGA pipes)

Other information:

There is no problem about the RC valves hitting the piston due to thin cylinder wall thickness. This is not an issue on our kit as it’s using different

cylinders, not modified NSR250. They are genuine OEM Honda cylinders, made and plated in Japan to their typical high quality.

The RC valves are easier to adjust than ever on the 300 kit, as there’s only one adjuster screw to play with, and each cylinder marked at the correct ‘fully open’ position for simple setting.

Exact Jetting requirements for your area and application cannot be provided due to differing atmospheric conditions around the world. However, following are some base settings to work from:

MC21 Std bottom end, Wire splice, TYGA Pipes, Airbox lid mod with filter.

Temp: 29 C
Press: 1015mb
Hum: 65%
Alt: 30m
MJ – #182/#185
JN – Std./Std.
SJ – #38/#38
AS – 1.5 turns out
PwrJ – Std./Std.

Tip: Cooler temps, higher pressure and/or lower humidity require richer jetting. High altitude requires leaner settings. Starting off with rich settings will in the worse case foul a plug. Too lean a setting may destroy the engine.

This jet set-up is for guidance only. TYGA Performance cannot be held responsible for any engine damage incurred due to incorrect settings.

At present, this kit is available by special order. Each kit takes approx. four weeks to prepare.