Tyga Heck Set Street, Aprilia RS250


Dieses Set beinhaltet alle Teile und Schrauben, die zur Montage benötigt werden.

Die Verkleidung lässt sich problemlos an eine Aprilia RS250 LD(98-02) anbringen. Die Montage an das Vorgängermodell LD01(95-97) ist grundsätzlich möglich, erfordert jedoch einige kleinere Änderungen.


Seat set street, Aprilia RS250

This kit comprises all the parts shown on picture, which are also available separately.

This kit is supplied with all additional fasteners required to mount it to a stock Aprilia RS250 MKII

For Aprilia RS250 MK1 owners, you can use this fairing but it’s not a direct fit.

The dash is different, the digital meters (MK2) fits the TYGA frame.
Tank MK1 looks the same but is little different. The seat needs adjustment the tank is a little bigger.
The cooling- and oil tank are in the sub frame (MK1) and on the side of the frame MK2. (order alg-10015, for cooling tank)
The steps left and right of the MK2 have extra brackets, the MK1 don’t have these. You need this fit the lower TYGA cowling.