KITACO i-Map “plug and play”, Honda MSX125 GROM


KITACO i-Map Steuergerät zur Abstimmung und Optimierung der Einspritzung.
Speziell entwickelt für die Honda MSX125 GROM zur Anpassung der Einspritzung an verschiedene Nockenwellen, Auspuffanlagen, größere Hubräume usw.

“plug and play” Variante inkl. Kabelbaum


KITACO i-Map Fuel Injection Controller

Developed for the Honda MSX125 Grom, giving many choices of fuelling to suit different camshafts, exhausts and big bore engines. And a combination of these upgrades.

The different maps are selected by using DIP switches. Available setting are printed on the unit.

There is also the option of a custom map. However, this requires the use of the KITACO PC-USB Interface Cable (available separately).

I-Map Fuel injection controller Kitaco voor Honda MSX / Grom 125.

Pre Installation of 3 Maps.

Remove the Limiter by fuel injection Cut features.

– Map 1 : Rpm limiter at 11000rpm, for stock engine

– Map 2 : Rpm limiter at 12000rpm, for stock engine with aftermarket exhaust

– Map 3 : Rpm limiter at 12000rpm, for 133cc bore up kit and aftermarket exhaust

– Map 4 : Full tunnable map with option USB controller and free Kitaco software. When delivered it is genuine map.

Fit on CE and US models