TYGA Airbox A-Kit Carbon/ Kevlar, Honda RS250 NXA


TYGA Performance Airbox A-Kit, aus Carbon / Kevlar, Honda RS 250 NXA

  • Nachbau der HRC Airbox ( ersetzt 17210-NXA-610)
  • inkl. Lufteinlass (ersetzt 17250-NXA-000)
  • 3D-gedruckte Dichtung aus TPU ( ersetzt 17260-NXA-000)

Art.-Nr.: hon-11391 / BPCX-0032


Air Box, Carbon/Kevlar, RS250, NXA, Kit

This high quality Carbon/Kevlar air box is a direct replacement for the stock HRC assembly (17210-NXA-610). It also includes a direct replacement for the the airduct (17250-NXA-000).

As an added bonus, we 3D printed a replacement for the seal (17260-NXA-000) in flexible TPU.

The air box assemebly is supplied ready to install and includes the following actual HRC or equivalent TYGA aftermarket parts: