TYGA Airbox Carbon/Kevlar, Honda NSR250 MC21/28


TYGA Performance Airbox Carbon / Kevlar, Honda NSR 250 MC21 / MC28


Airbox, Carbon/Kevlar, NSR250 MC21/MC28

This high quality carbon/Kevlar air box is an adaptation of the HRC air box and has the following features.

Maximum volume, more than double the size of the stock air box for better flow and power
High flow, large area foam filter for street use
Snug fitting rubber base to prevent leaks around carb insulators
Designed to be used with a full street harness as well as race harness
Can be used with MC21 and MC28 models or combination of either model (fuel tanks, harnesses and carburetors)
Allows for use of carburetor solenoids and supplied with special mounting hardware
Allows for use of two stroke oil pump and supplied with holes for cables and lines as well as blanking plugs
Uses HRC seal gap , part number 64234-NX5-770 for a good seal with the fuel tank
Built in high grade epoxy and carbon/kevlar for beauty and light weight
Provided with a hole and seal for external fuel cock as well as a short type for racers who want ease of removal of fuel tank.
See also similar product in GRP: BPFX-0007