TYGA Anschluss Kühlerschlauch (Paar), RGV 250 / RS 250


TYGA Performance Anschluss Kühlerschlauch (Paar), Suzuki RGV 250 VJ21 und VJ22 / Aprilia RS 250

  • aus Aluminium
  • CNC gefräst


Coolant Spigot (pair) Suzuki RGV250 VJ21/22, Aprilia RS250

These lightweight CNC machined billet aluminium spigots replace Suzuki part numbers 17872-36A01, 09280-20006 and 0211206167, and can be used on the Suzuki VJ21 and VJ22 RGV250 models and also will fit the Aprilia RS250.

This product is sold as a set of two Spigots with O-rings installed and 4 mounting bolts. Note, you can also order single units, replacement O-Rings and bolts (product codes TYLY-0238(p) EXOR-0035 and BHSS-0615)