TYGA Auspuffanlage Edelstahl, Honda NSR 150


TYGA Performance Auspuffanlage aus Edelstahl für die Honda NSR150


Set, Exhaust Chamber, Stainless Steel, NSR150SP

The TYGA Performance NSR150 SP pipe is just what is needed to unleash the power suffocated by the stock system. Just by changing the exhaust system huge gains can be made and it is designed for easy fitting with no re-positioning of bodywork or re jetting necessary.

New Improved design!

The new TYGA NSR150SP exhaust chamber has the following improvements over the previous design:

First and foremost, we needed to redesign the pipe dimensions to look for a little more power in the upper midrange, and this was achieved as planned, giving a smoother power curve on the run up to peak power, with no loss of peak power compared to the old design.

The second improvement is cosmetics, as we wanted the exhaust system to look better on the bike. We changed the angle of the chamber so that now it is tucked it in more. This doesn’t affect the performance in anyway but just makes it nicer to look at. Also, while we were making improvements, and from customer feedback, we have now made the complete chamber, including the headers, from rolled and welded sections, instead of the previously used cheaper looking stamped parts.

When ordering a complete system for your NSR150SP:

A.)1 X chamber set (EXCS-0024). When you order this you will receive included in the chamber set:

1 X chamber
1 X manifolds with flange
2 X manifold to chamber springs
1 X clamp and mounting hardware
1 X universal aluminium silencer stay
Not included in this product is the silencer. Please order separately:

B.)1 X silencer (EXSL-0003, OR EXSL-0004, OR EXSL-0005, OR EXSL-0006 OR EXSL-0008) of your choice. Each silencer is provided with mounting hardware and the silencer with the badge on the correct side.