TYGA Auspuffanlage Edelstahl, Yamaha TZR250 3MA


TYGA Performance Racing Auspuffanlage aus Edelstahl, Yamaha TZR250 3MA


Art.-Nr.: yam-10085 / EXCS-0051


Set, Exhaust Chamber, Stainless, Yamaha TZR250 (3MA)

TYGA Performance combines modern technology and traditional techniques to bring you the best in two stroke chamber design. With the help of advance computer software, and extensive dyno and road testing, we are able to design the optimum chambers for your model motorcycle. Chamber sections are laser cut for precision, but this is where the automation ends. All chambers are hand rolled and welded by our expert craftsmen to give the level of perfection that you’d expect when purchasing a TYGA Performance exhaust system.

The chambers mount to the engine using the EXMN-0051 manifolds and retained with springs provided with this product. Tyga Performance 3MA exhausts are supplied with a double ‘O’ ring header joint for superior sealing and vibration isolation. In addition, the ‘O’ rings are made from Viton which are resistant to automotive fluids and better able to withstand higher temperatures. For replacement O-Rings please see EXOR-0039

Fitting to the frame is by way of the standard rubber isolation mounts, however, we also use a 5mm spacer at this mount, to allow for slight adjustments that may be required due to production tolerances.

It is advisable to remove the secondary steel subframe from the rear of the bike while fitting or removing the pipes to obtain better access. The subframe can then be refitted after the TYGA exhaust has been installed.

Please be sure to check for clearance with frame and bodywork when installing the chambers to avoid any damage caused by heat and/or vibration.

Parts inc:

  • 1x    EXCB-0051L    Exhaust Chamber, Left, Stainless, Yamaha TZR250 3MA
  • 1x    EXCB-0051R    Exhaust Chamber, Right, Stainless, Yamaha TZR250 3MA
  • 2x    EXMN-0051    Manifold, Yamaha TZR250 3MA
  • 2x    EXSG-0001    Spring, Exhaust, Two Stroke
  • 4x    EXOR-0039    O-Ring Viton, ID 45mm, THK 2mm
  • 2x    EXCL-0041    Clamp, Silencer 2T, 70mm, Offset
  • 2x    EXMS-0051    Stay, Silencer, TZR250 3MA
  • 2x    STHB-0005    Spacer, 26mm x 5mm

Also included are all the necessary nuts and bolts to secure the chambers to the bike.

Not included are the silencers.

IMPORTANT: To complete your TYGA Performance 3MA exhaust system and not included in the EXCS-0051 set are the silencers, Remember to order TWO silencers with every EXCS-0051 chamber set:

  • EXSL-0106L   Silencer, Left, Shorty, Stainless, Two Stroke, 70mm, Assy
  • EXSL-0106R   Silencer, Right, Shorty, Stainless, Two Stroke, 70mm, Assy
  • EXSL-0107L    Silencer, Left, Shorty, Carbon/Kevlar, Two Stroke, 70mm, Assy
  • EXSL-0107R    Silencer, Right, Shorty, Carbon/Kevlar, Two Stroke, 70mm, Assy
  • EXSL-0108L    Silencer, Left, Shorty, Carbon, Two Stroke, 70mm, Assy
  • EXSL-0108R    Silencer, Right, Shorty, Carbon, Two Stroke, 70mm, Assy

We advise using high temp RTV on all joints. Allow to cure before use.

It is important to note that the TZR250 3MA (our bike is a 1990 model) is set up to run with standard settings including exhaust system and air box. Any changes to these components will require changes to jetting which is too lean  as standard when a racing expansion chamber is installed or other performance enhancing modifications are carried out and it is necessary to make jetting changes to avoid engine damage

Our test motorcycle has  #180 main as standard  but we had to go up quite a bit on the main with a TYGA Performance racing exhaust* and the snorkels removed from the air box and eventually settled on #280s for an optimal size for mixture and performance. Apart from #280 main jet, all other carb settings were kept standard including the air jets.

The 3MA, as has been reported on tzr3ma.com and also forums such as pure two stroke spirit in the TZR section (http://pure2strokespirit.net/forums/index.php), is quite sensitive to jetting, so please take the time and effort to get these settings correct. The rewards will be worth the patience ?

TYGA Performance expansion chambers are sold as ‘race parts’, and it is the responsibility of the user to ensure correct setup and maintenance. The above information should be used as a guide only. TYGA Performance accepts no responsibility for any machine damage, or personal injury or death resulting from these modifications.

The TYGA exhaust consisted of the following products, chamber set (EXCS-0051) and silencers  EXSL-0106, 0107 or 0108 (no difference between  the different silencer types)