TYGA Auspuffanlage GP-T, Honda RS250R NX5


TYGA Performance Auspuffanlage für die Honda RS250R NX5 aus Edelstahl


Set, Exhaust Chamber, GP-T Type, Stainless Steel, NX5 RS250R

It is no secret that we love our two strokes here at TYGA, especially ones built by HRC and we regularly use our NX5s whenever we have the opportunity. So we have a very personal reason to produce an exhaust system for the NX5 and spent months to design and build the system we have always wanted. Using computer software data and a lifetime of experience and knowledge, this exhaust system has been rigorously dyno and track tested by TYGA Performance to give you the best NX5 system on the market.

With no compromises in time and materials, the chambers are accurately laser cut, hand rolled and welded in 304 stainless steel by our top craftsmen to make a world-class product. Not only does this system perform, it looks the part too from its exquisite welding, to the routing and the HRC style spring mounted silencers. Every effort has been made to give maximum clearance for lean angle and spring mounting and being made from stainless, is easy to maintain. Whether you are parading your RS250 or want to win races, the TYGA system will not disappoint. Available from stock and with a reliable source of spare parts and customer service support and knowledge, the TYGA Performance NX5 exhaust is available with a choice of three silencer types, carbon, carbon/Kevlar and aluminium. Be sure to order two silencers (EXSL-0068, EXSL-0069 or EXSL-0070) with every chamber set, (EXCS-0039)

Note, we have replacement chambers available individually (EXCB-0039L and EXCB-0037R)

Note, this system uses the stock NX5 manifolds and is provided with springs to mount to the manifolds. The right side is supplied with a stay and bolt which uses the stock NX5 mounting rubber and hardware to mount on the back side of the chain roller is shown in the photos.