TYGA Auspuffanlage mit kurzem Endschalldämpfer “shorty”, Yamaha YZ250 2005 – 15


TYGA Performance Auspuffanlage aus Edelstahl mit kurzem Endschalldämpfer “shorty” für die Yamaha YZ250 2005-15

-ESD ebenfalls aus Edelstahl mit Carbon Endkappe

Nicht vorrätig


Set, Exhaust Chamber, Shorty Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Silencer, YZ250

This is the only exhaust system available on the market for the YZ250 which has a chamber constructed wholy from rolled cones welded together for the factory’ look. Not only does this system look great, it also performs and we spent over a year developing this chamber before going into production. With this system, not only do you get a great looking chamber but you get an equally high quality silencer made from CNC machined end caps, stainless sleeve and carbon exit cap. To link the two main components together is a stainless tail pipe.

The chamber can be used with a different silencer and our silencer can be used with a stock Yamaha chamber but we highly recommend ordering the complete system for perfect harmony between components.

Dynograph by TSP ( Two Stroke Performance Australia)
This exhaust system set comprises of the following parts:

EXCB-0032 Exhaust chamber

EXSL-0051 Exhaust silencer

EXTP-0035 Exhaust Tail Pipe