TYGA Auspuffanlage mit “MAGGOT” Endschalldämpfer, Honda MSX125 GROM


TYGA Performance Auspuffanlage aus Edelstahl mit dem formschönen MAGGOT Endschalldämpfer für die Honda MSX125 GROM (1.Generation)


Set, Pipe, Full Race System, MSX125 Grom, Moto Maggot. First Generation

This full race system has been specifically designed for the MSX125 to maximise power. Made in stainless steel with spring mounted carbon silencer this system increases performance, saves weight and enhances the looks of the bike. Sounds great too!

Feel free to request this product with no TYGA logo. we understand not everyone wants their bike to be covered with graphcs and won’t be offended. Simply put in the comment box with your order: ‘Please supply with no TYGA logo’. Just let us know your requirements; we want to provide the best possible product for your application

Performance and Dynograph

The blue trace shows the 100% standard Honda MSX125 Grom, compared to the red trace, which is after installing the TYGA Full System set (EXPS-0043), and Carbon Silencer (EXSL-0042). Similar results would be expected with the Maggot.

A useful gain all through the range, increasing as the revs rise up to maximum.

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