TYGA Auspuffanalage Race, Honda NC30 / NC35


TYGA Racing Auspuffanlage für die Honda VFR400RR NC30 / RVF400RR NC35

– Anlage aus Edelstahl, handverschweißt (TIG)
– sehr leicht (Hälfte des Gewichts der Serienanlage)
– bessere Performance


Exhaustset race Stainless steel no Silencer, NC30 NC35

The TYGA Full Race System has been designed with maximum power mind. This system is a necessity if you need to squeeze every drop of horse power from the machine.
Manufactured from TIG welded stainless steel sections throughout, with all joints secured by springs, for that ‘factory’ look and feel. The system fits both the NC30 and NC35. Most systems are not designed to be used with a side stand on the NC30, but the TYGA system can be used with a side stand on both the NC30 and NC35.
For unsurpassed looks, sound and performance, this system can be used with any of our 400 system exhaust silencers.

If you need further reason to purchase this product, this exhaust is considerably lighter than the stock system. Weighing only half the weight of the stock system makes for a weight saving of4.2 kg.


First, an NC35 was tested with the original Honda exhaust system and produced a peak of 53.5hp; about the right number for a stock bike.

Then the pipe was changed for the TYGA full stainless system, and the main jets increased one size from stock front and rear. No other changes were made, and the peak hp increased to 59.9hp, a gain of 6.4hp (Over 8% more power!)


On the NC30, the advantage over the stock exhaust system is higher. With just the TYGA pipe and a couple of main jet changes, the power leaps from a stock 52hp up to a healthy 59hp. That’s 7hp, or 13.5% more.

The pipe set can be used with any silencer with a2 inch internal diameter bore which is held in place by springs for ease of fitment and removal. TYGA provide the following compatible silencers which can either be ordered separately with this system or together as a set.

EXSL-0012 round carbon, EXSL-0013 Moto Maggot, EXSL0017 Oval Stainless, EXSL-0020 Oval Carbon, Short, and EXSL-0028 Oval Carbon Long

This system may not comply to specific country noise emission regulations and is not homologated for street use.