TYGA Auspuffanlage, Race System -double maggot-, KTM RC390 2017


TYGA Auspuffanlage für den Rennstreckeneinsatz der KTM RC390, Modelljahr 2017

– bessere Performance
– geringeres Gewicht


.Set, Pipe, Race System, RC390, Stainless Moto Maggot

This race system has been specifically developed for the KTM RC390 to maximise performance and looks. The dual underseat system eliminates any issues with ground clearance unlike some other systems on the market. In addition, in the event of an accident the exhaust is well protected. Other systems which have the exhaust exiting the right side of the swing arm will usually suffer terminal damage. This system increases performance, saves weight and enhances the looks of the bike. The system is not supplied with decibel killers, and may not meet noise regulations in your area.

This exhaust can be installed on a bike fitted with the cup race bodywork or standard, with passenger pegs installed or removed. It can be installed with stock registration/turn signal holder.

For use with stanadard belly pan, we recommend the installation of the exhaust outlet cover BPFC-7431, and for use without passenger pegs, option carbon exhaust guards are