TYGA Auspuffanlage side by side Edelstahl, Honda NSR250 MC21


The ultimate set for your Honda NSR250/NSR300!


Set exhausts side by side stainless steel, Honda NSR250 MC21/MC28

Constructed in stainless steel, TYGA Performance combine modern technology and traditional techniques to bring you the best in two stroke chamber design. With the help of advance computer software, and extensive dyno and track testing, we are able to design the optimum chambers for your model motorcycle. Chamber sections are laser cut but this is where the automation ends. All chambers are hand rolled and welded by expert craftsmen to give the level of perfection that you’d expect when purchasing a TYGA Performance exhaust system.

Our TYGA Performance Honda NSR250 two stroke motorcycle expansion systems are now THE system to have gracing your NSR250. And why not? TYGA pipes for NSR 250s are available for MC21 and MC28 models and there are two styles of chamber to choose from:

Tyga Side By Side (SS) which exit conventionally on left and right

For more information on how to get the best power out of this system, combine it with oth