TYGA Auspuffanlage side by side Edelstahl, Yamaha RD350LC (4LO)


TYGA Performance Auspuffanlage, Yamaha RD350LC 4LO

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Finally available for the Yamaha RD350, TYGA Performance full race exhaust.

Set, Exhaust Chamber, Side By Side Type, Stainless Steel, Yamaha RD350LC (4L0)

TYGA Performance combines modern technology and traditional techniques to bring you the best in two stroke chamber design. With the help of advance computer software, and extensive dyno and road testing, we are able to design the optimum chambers for your model motorcycle. Chamber sections are laser cut for precision, but this is where the automation ends. All chambers are hand rolled and welded by our expert craftsmen to give the level of perfection that you’d expect when purchasing a TYGA Performance exhaust system.

Due to popular demand, the TYGA RD350LC 4L0 pipes feature a crossover header design, constructed in mirror finished stainless steel for unrivaled looks.
Parts included with this product:

1 x Left side chamber, mirror finished stainless steel
1 x Right side chamber, mirror finished stainless steel
2 x Manifolds clamps (left and right)