TYGA Auspuffanlage side by side Edelstahl, Honda NSR250 MC18


the best looking exhaust we ever made!


Tyga Performance is probably the only company offering stainless steel expansion chambers for the MC18. These exquisitely crafted pipes are designed to give maximum power, while at the same time to give sufficient clearance for the MC18 swing arm; quite a demanding feat but one achieved by the curving the header design. This system has the two silencers exiting, not unlike the 1989 MC18 stock system, in the high level left and right position and the silencer clamps are provided which mount onto the stock 1989 silencer mounting brackets.

For the 1988 MC18, this system can be installed but requires removal of the passenger footpeg hangers and replaced with special TYGA silencer brackets (not included in this set) So for 1988 owners, remember to order 2 x BPSY-0130

Parts included with this product:

1 x left side chamber, side by side (left exiting) stainless steel
1 x right side chamber, side by side (right exiting) stainless steel
2 x silencer single clamps and mounting bolts, washers and nuts
2 x m