TYGA Auspuffhalterung, Suzuki RGV 250


Auspuffhalterung zur Montage der Endschalldämpfer an den TYGA Performance Heckrahmen, Suzuki RGV250 VJ22


This product is to be used exclusively with our TYGA Seat cowling kits for the VJ22. These include BPFS-0036, BPFS-0037, BPFS-0038.

This stay is designed to mount to TYLY-0028 subframe and secure the silencers of the the exhaust system. Will secure TYGA silencers and possibly others (we have no information on this) and because they are not ‘handed’ you can use them for both left and right sides. One TYLY-0029 is supplied in the kits and is sufficient if the motorcycle being fitted has the silencers stacked on the right side. (TYGA GP Style). If the motorcycle has side by side silencers with one exiting on the left and another on the right, it will be necessary to order an additional exhaust stay for the left side silencer. The subframe has securing points and all you need to do is to trim the undertray of the seat cowling in order to fit.