TYGA Benzintank GFK, lackiert Typ1, Honda VFR400RR NC30


TYGA Performance Benzintank GFK, lackiert: Typ1 – RC30 Design, Honda VFR400RR NC30

  • aus GFK, verstärkt mit einer Kevlarlage
  • Gewicht: 2,6kg
  • CNC-gefräste Tankdeckelaufnahme aus Aluminium
  • Tankdeckel nicht im Lieferumfang enthalten (der originale Tankdeckel kann verwendet werden)


Art.-Nr.: hon-11406 / BPFG-0005type1


Fuel Tank, GRP, VFR400R NC30, Painted Type1

Top quality reproduction of the steel NC30 fuel tank in GRP. This product is a direct replacement for the stock NC30 fuel tank and saves approx. a third of the weight of the stock one (2.6 kg ours, 3.9kg for the steel one).

Painted in NC30 Type 1 Colours

Using specially formulated epoxy resin for fuel resistance, this tank has been tested with a range of fuels from 95 unleaded pump fuel to E20 (20% ethanol).

Laminated with a Kevlar layer for abrasion and puncture resistance, this fuel tank is both strong and light. Unlike most aftermarket fuel tanks, this one is designed so that there is no compromise with installation and through use of high quality CNC machined aluminium inserts, retains the original associated hardware including the stock Honda or keyless fuel tank filler caps and stock fuel cock.

Like the stock Honda fuel tank, it has the correct plumbing for the Honda type breather valve incorporated in the design and also the overflow/drain tube. Uses the stock Honda mounting rubbers for ease and peace of mind in fitment.