TYGA Bugverkleidung GFK, Yamaha RD350LC (4LO)


TYGA Performance Bugverkleidung aus GFK für die Yamaha RD350LC 4LO
– inkl. Montagehalter und Schrauben


Belly Pan, (GRP) RD250/350LC (4LO)

This belly pan faithfully compliments the classic lines of the legendary ‘Elsie’ along similar lines to the ones used back in the day, complete with the obligatory air scoops on either side. Although the design is traditional, the construction is modern and we have taken advantage of modern materials and techniques to bring you a better product than others on the market.
The belly pan itself is made from high strength epoxy resin and 200 gram glass fabric, making it flexible and light and attractive both on the inside and out. The mounting brackets are laser cut for precision and better aesthetics and they are covered by a plastic coating to give them a firm but kind grip on the frame rails. There is a great deal of adjustability built into the design and to allow our customers to mount this part in exactly the position they desire, based on other modifications such as exhausts, we supply it undrilled.
This product is supplied primed, however, will require minor preparation, before it’s ready for paint.
This product is suitable for stock and our exhaust system, EXCS-0044 which we offer for the RD350LC (4L0)
As well as this GRP (Glass reinforced plastic) version, we also supply a carbon version, BPCL-7032