TYGA Carbon Instrumentencover, Suzuki RGV 250 VJ21


TYGA Performance Carbon Instrumentencover, Suzuki RGV 250 VJ21


Carbon Meter Cover RGV250 VJ21

Attractive carbon cover for Suzuki VJ21 RGV250 meter assembly.

For fitment, push it over the instruments on one side until the foam compresses a little, you will then notice that the cover will then slide freely in towards the centre of instrument a couple of mm, allowing you more slack so you can locate it on the opposite side of the instrument. You need to locate over both rev counter and temp gauge at the same time. Once in position and properly located, you will notice it will slide around somewhat so, pick out the backing tape and the adhesive will hold it into desired position on the foam instrument surround. Alternatively, remove backing before installation but be careful not to lose adhesion or let cover get stuck in wrong position before you are satisfied it is properly located.

Fits all VJ21 Models