TYGA Carbon Tank, Honda RS250 NX5


TYGA Performance Carbon Tank für die erste Generation der Honda RS250 NX5 ohne Ram Air


Fuel Tank, Carbon, RS250R NX5 (Early Type)

Top quality reproduction of the early non ram air version NX5 fuel tank in carbon fiber.

Finished in high quality UV resistant clear-coat to show off the beauty of the carbon weave, and using specially formulated epoxy resin for fuel resistance, this tank has been tested with a range of fuels from 95 unleaded pump fuel, Avgas 100LL to E85 (85% ethanol). Laminated with a Kevlar layer for abrasion and puncture resistance, this fuel tank is both strong and light ( 2.25 kg) Unlike most aftermarket fuel tanks, this one is designed so that there is no compromise with installation and through use of high quality CNC machined aluminium inserts and following the stock shape, the following stock parts can be used (not included):

Fuel Cock
Front strap
Stock mounting rubbers
Filler cap and seal
IMPORTANT: Please note that this fuel tank, for ease of manufacture, uses the later flush fitting NX5 type filler cap. This can be purchased from HRC (part numbers 17521-NX4-680 for filler cap and 17515-NX5-770 for seal) or we can supply our own TYGA version (Cap: TYLY-0178A, Seal: BPSY-0238) Note the filler cap and the above list of parts are not included with the fuel tank and needs to be purchased separately.