TYGA Endschalldämpfer Aluminium Classic kurz “SHORTY”


TYGA Performance Endschalldämpfer Aluminium Classic kurz “SHORTY”

  • 55mm kürzer als Standard-Version
  • Aluminium Hülle
  • Endkappen aus Edelstahl (blank oder schwarz beschichtet)


Silencer, Shorty, Aluminium Classic, Two Stroke, Assy.

This shorty aluminium two stroke silencer has been designed for those owners of two stroke motorcycles looking for a more old fashioned classic look. They have similar dimensions and perform the same as our other two stroke silencers and are available with two different colour options for the exhaust exit cap and nozzle to suit the customers’ requirements.

Stainless steel pressed mounting end cap with 3 M6 threaded holes for mounting to exhaust chamber flange
Stainless steel exit end cap and long nozzle in traditional design with choice of raw stainless or black powder-coated finish
Cartridge glass wool insulation for greater longevity
Lightweight: weighs just 0.7kg
Tough anodised body finish for enhanced looks and weather resistance
Silencer is supplied with paper gasket and stainless steel bolts and washers.

“Note this product is intended to be used with our exhaust chambers (EXCS-****) and is not a direct replacement part for the stock or other manufacturers’ silencers. If you wish to install our two stroke silencers with a stock chamber, we offer a mounting flange (code TPER-0052 and TPER-0022) in either stainless or mild steel which can be welded onto the existing chamber and suitable for directly bolting our two stroke silencers to an existing non TYGA chamber. The flange is of course not required if intended to install to a TYGA chamber.”

Compatible Parts:

All Tyga Performance Two Stroke chamber sets. Remember to order enough silencers for one complete system!

Other Alternative Products:

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EXSL-9005 Aluminium Premium
EXSL-0003 Carbon
EXSL-0004 Carbon/Kevlar
EXSL-0067 Shorty Aluminium Premium
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Zusätzliche Information

Edelstahl Endkappe

blank, schwarz beschichtet