TYGA Endschalldämpfer Aluminium rund / Carbon Endkappe 380mm (4-Takt)


TYGA Performance 4-Takt Endschalldämpfer mit Aluminiumhülle, rund und Carbon Endkappe, 380mm, Slip-On

für Auspuffrohre mit 2″ Außendurchmesser
Aluminiumhülle: 4″ x 380mm

Art.-Nr.: alg-10136 / EXSL-0140


Silencer, Aluminium/Carbon End Cap, Round, 2- x 380 mm., Assy.

This silencer has a tough anodized aluminium tube and carbon exit cap for a lightweight and attractive finish. Free flowing, this silencer not only allows for more power but gives a much more rewarding audible experience over stock. This system may not comply to specific country noise emission regulations and is not homologated for street use.

The ‘slip-on’ mount is designed to fit any system with a 2- external diameter tail pipe. It is secured in place with two springs, which align with the spring hooks already fitted to the TYGA pipe. A silencer mounting clamp is also provided to secure the silencer to the bike.

Two extra (stainless) spring hooks are included and can then be welded to any other system that may need modification to fit the silencer.

Compatible with TYGA and other systems which use a 2 inch external diameter tail pipe, this silencer uses a 4 inch x 380 mm. outside aluminium tube.