TYGA Endschalldämpfer Edelstahl 70mm “shorty”, Yamaha TZR250 3MA


TYGA Performance Endschalldämpfer Edelstahl, 70mm, kurz “shorty”, Yamaha TZR 250 3MA

  • passend für die TYGA Auspuffanlage yam-10085 / EXCS-0051


Art.-Nr.: EXSL-0106L / yam-10086 und EXSL-0106Ryam-10087


Silencer, Right, Shorty, Stainless, Two Stroke, 70mm, Assy

This product is designed and intended to be used with our Yamaha TZR250 (3MA) exhaust system EXCX-0051 and is not a direct replacement part for the stock or other manufacturers’ silencers.

Compatible Parts:

EXCS-0051. Remember to order enough 2 silencers for one complete system!

Other Alternative Products:

  • EXSL-0107R Carbon/Kevlar
  • EXSL-0108R  Carbon

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