TYGA Endschalldämpfer GP-T, Carbon


TYGA Endschalldämpfer GP-T mit Carbon-Hülle für die Honda RS250R NX5


Silencer, GP-T, Carbon, Two Stroke, Spring Mounted, Assy.

To complement our NX5 exhaust chambers, we wanted a silencer design which was both functional and classic. The result is this TYGA Performance GP-T style silencer. Available in three models, with carbon, carbon/Kevlar and aluminium outer tubes and with stainless end caps, it is mounted by two springs (included) for ease of installation and for looks. The silencer is strong and easily rebuildable, using rivets to assemble. Remember to order two silencers for every twin cylinder exhaust system! Also see EXSL-0069 and EXSL-0070.

Note, this silencer is only compatible with the NX5 RS250R exhaust system and cannot be mounted on other exhaust chambers in our product range.