TYGA Fußrastenanlage, Honda NSR250 MC21


TYGA Performance Fußrastenanlage, Honda NSR250 MC21

  • aus Aluminium
  • inkl. Carbon Fersenschutz (links)
  • Schaltumkehr möglich


TYGA Performance racing step kit assembly. Designed in-house by TYGA Performance using AutoCAD software, these CNC machine- made step kits are made from top quality, aircraft grade aluminium. Features levers moving on ball bearings to give precise and smooth movement, and comes complete, ready to bolt on with stainless steel fasteners. One of the many advantages over the standard footrest assembly is the ability to reverse the shift pattern without removal of the side stand, so giving the ‘racer’ set-up, on the street. Kit includes gear selector link rod.

Now includes rear brake light provision.

Peg position is 27 mm. up and 12 mm. back. Pitch of hanger to frame mounting holes is 76.4 mm on left and 70 mm. on right.
Gear link rod provided

Note, MC21 step kit differs from MC28 version only by using hanger STAA-0002A for MC21 instead of STAA-0002 for MC28 due to different rear brake master cylinders. Left sides are indentical as are all other parts

Reverse schifting is possible with this race step kit.