TYGA Gabelverschlusskappen, Honda MC18/MC21/MC28/NC30


TYGA Performance Gabelverschlusskappen, Aluminium – silber/ schwarz, volle Einstellmöglichkeit, Honda NSR 250 MC18/MC21/MC28, VFR400 NC30


Art.-Nr.: hon-10967 / TYLY-1038


Fork Caps, Silver/Black, Full adjustment.

Many race replica street bikes are graced with adjustable suspension as standard, but as with many ‘so-called’ adjustable suspension systems on production bikes, the actual adjustment available is very limited. The manufacturer lets you adjust within very tight parameters so that it’s difficult to get the settings wrong.

The TYGA fork tops do away with this dictator attitude, allowing you to take control of your set-up.

The preload adjustment is increased, with an extra 4mm possible, and we also provide a full 20 clicks of rebound adjustment that works!

Another great feature is the easy-turn knob for rebound adjustment. No more fumbling around for the screw driver.

The fork tops are manufactured from top quality anodized 6061 T6 aluminium and come ready to install, and are a direct replacement for the standard parts. Securing to the fork tube is by a pin spanner that is provided.

Basic suspension rebuild skills are useful for fitting, but full instructions will be provided.

Fits MC21SE/SP, MC28SE, MC18SP & NC30.

Also available in Blue/Red see TYLY-0038

Please note that these Fork Caps will not work with ‘R’ spec NSR forks, or ’89 NC30, as these are preload adjustment only type forks.