TYGA Gabelverschlusskappen (Paar), Honda RS250 NX5


TYGA Performance Verschlusskappen mit Preload Adjuster (Paar) für die originale Gabel der Honda RS250 NX5


Fork Top Kit, NX5 RS250R

After 20 years or so of racing and hard use, many NX5 RS250Rs have damaged or scruffy fork tops with faded adjusters. The components are not available from Honda and from personal experience we know that it can really detract from an otherwise well restored bike if the fork caps are scuffed or dinged up. We therefore decided to reproduce the fork tops both for our collection and to offer to the public at the same time. CNC machined from 7075 T6 aluminium and brass and with the bright blue anodizing, just like the original HRC parts, these fork tops are the finishing touch of any NX5 restoration and install exactly the same as the original HRC ones.