TYGA Heck-Set Race GP-T, Honda NSR250 MC18


Dieses Set beinhaltet alle Teile und Schrauben, die zur Montage benötigt werden.


Kit, Seat Set, GRP (Race), MC18 GP-T

This set of bodywork is designed to replace the stock seat cowling with the race version of our GP-T Race Seat cowling and includes all parts needed to do the conversion. It is suitable for the MC18.

‘Note this kit has been designed primarily for the 1989 model but will also fit the 1988. Note that for the 1988 model, the exhaust stays are suitable for our TYGA exhaust system but not the stock exhausts. The wiring harness differs on the 1988 model so there may be some modification of the wiring harness required.’

The kit comprises parts shown below which are also available separately.
Note there are 3 MC18 GP-T seat cowling kits to choose from:

BPFS-0160 Street GRP

BPFS-0161 Race GRP

BPFS-0162 Street Carbon