TYGA Heckrahmen Aluminium Race, Honda VFR400 NC30


TYGA Performance Racing Heckrahmen aus Aluminium, Honda VFR400RR NC30

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This lightweight aluminium subframe is closely modelled on the stock NC30 subframe and can be substituted for the heavy steel one with a considerable weight saving . Made from extruded and CNC machined 6000 series aluminium, this product is hand-welded by our craftsmen to provide a strong, accurate and beautiful component. Finished in Hard wearing satin black powdercoating, it can be painted if the customer so chooses.

Note this subframe is for race and single seat use only and cannot be used for carrying a passenger. All mounting positions for exhaust stay, seat cowling, undertray, rear shock reservoir (BPCC-0046 is a direct fit), radiator overflow bottle, electrical components etc which are normally mounted to the subframe are supplied with subframe so it is almost a simple plug and play. Most of the standard fasteners are used, however where necessary, replacements are included.

If you wish to run this subframe without the rear fender, then this is also possible and we recommend installing it along with Seat cowling bracket part number: TYLY-0224-17 and battery box TYLY-0026. In this configuration, you will need modify the rear mounts of the battery box and drill them to attach to the subframe and to cable tie the ECU, starter relay etc which are normally attached directly to the undertray.