TYGA Lenkerstummel (Paar) 51mm, KTM RC 125 / 390 2022

TYGA Performance Lenkerstummel (Paar) 51mm, KTM RC 125 / 390 ab Baujahr 2022

– kompatibel mit der originalen Gabelbrücke
– Winkel: 6°

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Handlebar Set, Racing, Silver, KTM RC390 Series 2022-2023

This handlebar set is designed to be used with the stock RC390 triple clamp. These bars are clamped directly to the fork leg and thus separates them from the triple clamp making them less likely to be damaged in an accident and easier to repair/replace when they are. It also allows for a great deal of adjustability in both height and rotation and the bars are angled downwards 6° more than the OEM bars for a better racing position. The clamping part is designed for the stock 51 mm. fork legs and can be used on other motorcycles with the same 51 mm. sized fork legs.

* The Handlebar angle is 6 degrees down.


Handlebar Clamp(s): 51mm
For use with Handlebar tubes of Ø 22.2mm (5/8″)

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silber, schwarz