TYGA Pod Luftfilter (Paar), Suzuki RGV250


TYGA Performance Pod Luftfilter (Paar), Suzuki RGV250 VJ21 / VJ22


Pod Filter, Pair, RGV250 VJ21/VJ22

High air flow pod filters, specifically designed for the RGV250 VJ21/22.

In house designed and 3D printed flexible manifolds are swept at 10° for frame and fuel tank clearance, and also feature locking tabs to ensure a snug and secure fit onto the RGV carburetor bellmouth.

Uses high quality Japanese air filter foam for maximum airflow, while providing protection from dust and debris entering the engine.

Please use the standard manifold clamps to secure to the carb.

**As with any performance upgrade, please ensure that you check and reset the carb settings accordingly to avoid engine damage.**