TYGA Race Airbox “ram air” Honda NC35


TYGA Performance Racing Airbox “ram air”, Honda RVF400RR

  • größerer und längerer Lufteinlass
  • besserer Luftfluss / Staudruck: “ram-air- Effekt”
  • 8% höheres Airboxvolumen sorgt für eine stabilere Performance



This race airbox has a larger and longer inlet than stock to allow for greater airflow and better breathing including ram air affect. Unlike other similar products available, as well as the modified inlet, this airbox increases the volume by 8% overstock for more stable performance. Uniquely, among aftermarket suppliers, the Tyga airboxes retain the correct profile on the base for an effective seal when installed just like the original airbox.

NOTE: This airbox will also fit the Honda VFR400, but you will need to shorten the airduct. Because of the cross beam on the frame is in a different position, it would hit the air duct at the front.