TYGA Reifenwärmer (Satz) Minibike


TYGA Reifenwärmer Minibike für 12” Vorder- und Hinterräder
– 220V/ 450W vorne, 550W hinten


All new TYGA Tyre warmers are specifically designed to meet the needs of every racer and track day rider.

Automatic digital temperature control with colour greenlight showing when up to temperature.

Tyre warmers are an essential tool for any track excursion. For the racer it allows for lightening first lap action to get the jump on your competitor, and for the track day specialist there’s no more wasted laps trying to get heat into your tyres.

Another great feature is that you can refit the warmers between session and just set at a lower temperature to stop your tyres “heat cycling”. This gives you more tyre grip for longer, so your tyre won’t go off half way through the day.

These warmers are designed for minibike with 12 inch wheels.

TYGA tyre warmers are designed to run on 220V, and use a “C” type plug. Power rating is 550W rear and 450W front.