TYGA Tankdeckel “HRC Typ”


TYGA Performance Tankdeckel HRC Typ
– Reproduktion des HRC Tankdeckels, Teilenr. 17521-NX4-680 und Dichtung 17515-NX5-770
– CNC-gefertigt
– passend für alle NX4, NX5, NXA sowie die TYGA Performance Carbon Tanks


Filler Cap and Seal Set, Flush Fitting, HRC Type

TYGA version (reproduction) of HRC part number: 17521-NX4-680 and seal 17515-NX5-770. See schematic for details.

Consists of CNC machined filler cap and seal to fit TYGA Carbon tanks BPCG-002, BPCG-0003 and HRC fuel tanks such as NX4, NX5, NXA, NX7 etc.