TYGA Verkleidungsoberteil Race Stock, Suzuki RGV 250


TYGA Performance Verkleidungsoberteil Race aus hochwertigem GFK, Stock-Ausführung, Suzuki RGV250 VJ22


Upper Cowling (Race, GRP), VJ22, Stock Shape, Assy.

This upper cowling is modelled from the origial stock VJ22 shape and is suitable for all race classes but particulary those where the you need to keep the stock silhouette. Note that this panel splits the fairing into two parts for ease of removal and fitment at the race track and is to be used with BPFL-9226 lower cowling to complete the fairing. Constructed with epoxy resin and multi layer 200 gram mat; do not confuse this with budget race glass made with polyester and chopped strand just because the price is right!

It uses stock windscreens, SCRE-0061, SCRE-0062, SCRE-0129 and SCRE-0130.

NOTE: This product is compatible with lower cowling BPFL-9226. Will not fit stock Suzuki lower cowling.

Only available as race version, no street version with light provison.