TYGA Verkleidungsset inkl. Benzintank, lackiert Repsol, Honda NSR250 MC21 / 28


TYGA Performance Verkleidungsset GFK inkl. Benzintank, lackiert: Repsol Design – GP Replica, Honda NSR 250 MC21 / MC28

Das Set enthält folgende Teile:

– Benzintank
– Verkleidungsoberteil/ Kanzel
– Verkleidungsunterteil
– Heckverkleidung
– Vorderradabdeckung

Art.-Nr.: hon-11411 / BPFS-250VREPSOL


Kit, GRP, Complete bodywork set with Fuel Tank and Front Fender, painted Repsol, MC21, MC28 NSR250V

Complete NSR250V bodywork with fuel tank set painted in Repsol livery, the same as our project bike. The paint has fluorescent* colours just like the real factory race bikes and unlike most other replicas so this bodywork will definitely make your bike stand out from the crowd!

The set shown in the studio photos was specially ordered by a customer and included a CBR600RR front fender and he didn’t want any numbers applied. However, we are happy to make small adjustments to this product such as adding numbers or changing the front fender for a different model depending on what forks your bike has fitted. Also, if you require a race set with no lights, this can be arranged too and the price appropriately adjusted. Note that although we try to keep this product in stock, there are times when we might not have stock ready to ship even though it will show as stock on the website. Also, if you require any changes, this might entail a new set of bodywork painted to your requirements and any associated delays. Feel free to make comment with your order using the comment box provided or contact us to discuss your requirements prior to ordering.

*Fluorescent paints by their nature are prone to fade. We use specially formulated high UV protection clearcoat  designed for aircraft to minimize fade but if you intend to leave your bike in prolonged sunlight, we would advise using non fluorescent colours which we can arrange.