TYGA Verkleidungsset Race GP-T, Honda NSR250 MC18


Das Verkleidungsset beinhaltet Verkleidungsober- und Unterteil + Schrauben zur Montage.


Kit, Fairing Set, GRP, (Race), MC18, GP-T

This modern fairing, designed in-house by TYGA Performance, is the culmination of many years of experience developing bodywork for the NSR250. As well as bringing the MC18 up to date, it also offers huge weight saving and easy fitment and removal. Similar to a GP bike, the fairing is held on by R clips and nylon bungs for quick release. The kit is supplied with all mounting hardware including carbon fiber side stays and aluminium upper and front stays. This is the race version of the kit and is supplied with a race upper with no headlights.

Like all our fairings, this product uses only the best epoxy resins and high quality fabrics to give a strong, light and flexible panel. All our products are hand made by our skilled craftsmen and are built to a very high standard.

As well as this race fairing kit which is made using GRP (glass reinforced plastic) which is primed and ready for paint**, we also offer a street version in GRP and a street version using carbon