TYGA Verkleidungsset Race GFK, Honda NC35


TYGA Performance Verkleidungsset Race aus GFK, Honda RVF400RR NC35

Das Set enthält folgende Teile (auch separat erhältlich):

– Verkleidungsoberteil/ Kanzel
– Verkleidungsunterteil
– Heckverkleidung
– Vorderradabdeckung
– Verkleidungsscheibe (klar)


This kit comprises of parts shown in the picture.

Ideal for race classes where retaining stock shape is necessary to comply with rules. The panels are top quality, being lightweight, flexible and tough. Constructed with epoxy resin and multi layer cross weave mat; do not confuse this with budget race glass made with polyester and chopped strand just because the price is right!

Please state if you would like a tinted screen or stock shape open lowers (BPFL-0003) and we will be happy to change to suit

Please note that the fairings only weigh approx. 1kg for each fairing panel and 2 kg for seat cowling. To ensure a safe delivery, the box they are sent in weighs 4 kg. You may want to consider two sets and save on shipping…