TYGA Verkleidungsunterteil GFK WSS300, KTM RC390


TYGA Performance GFK Verkleidungsunterteil (Wanne) WSS300, KTM RC390
– inkl. Halterungen
– kompatibel mit WSS300 Auspuffanlage


Belly Pan, Race/Street, (GRP), WSS300 TYGA Version, KTM RC390

This belly pan follows the design of the KTM WSS300 but we have modified it so it can be used on the street too! This means that unlike the KTM design, you can install this belly pan with either the sidestand installed or not and use either a street or race gear shift. This belly pan is compatible with our WSS300 exhaust system EXPS-0111 and EXPS-0112.

All fitting hardware included

See table for compatibility between belly pans and exhaust systems.

Note, we also offer this product painted white and in carbon fiber, see the following products for details: