TYGA Verkleidungsset Stock inkl. Benzintank, lackiert Typ1, Honda VFR400RR NC30


TYGA Performance Verkleidungsset GFK inkl. Benzintank, lackiert: Typ 1 – RC30 Design, Honda VFR400RR NC30

Das Set enthält folgende Teile (auch separat erhältlich):

– Benzintank
– Verkleidungsoberteil/ Kanzel
– Verkleidungsunterteil
– Heckverkleidung inkl. Soziusabdeckung
– Vorderradabdeckung
– Verkleidungsscheibe (klar)

Art.-Nr.: hon-11402 / BPFS-0219


Kit, Complete Body Set, Stock Shape, with Fuel Tank, NC30, Painted Type 1

This NC30 kit is supplied ready to install in the iconic RC30 inspired TYPE 1 paint scheme.

This bodywork set comprises of the epoxy resin GRP panels shown below. We are offering this set painted in tough 2k paint as shown in the pictures to save a buyer the cost and time of getting them painted locally. By getting this set painted at source, we are able to offer a high quality paint job at a budget price. This kit is ideal for anyone wanting to keep the stock classic look of the NC30 but by using this kit it is a lot cheaper than stock panels and it is stronger too! In addition, the kit has fewer panels (2 for the fairing instead of 6 and 1 for the seat cowling instead of 3)

The inclusion of the fuel tank means that the painted set is complete and you will not need to get your existing fuel tank painted to match, saving time and trouble. This also opens the possibility of having multiple body sets for the same bike as well as preserving your precious OEM panels and tank while using the TYGA set day to day.

This kit will transform your bike quickly and the kit uses stock fasteners for ease of fitment wherever possible. We include any additional hardware required to mount this kit to an otherwise stock bike and it incorporates all the correct mounting positions for stock tail light, indicators and headlight.

Don’t confuse this kit with the ill-fitting and easily broken plastic fairings out of China. This a top quality lightweight bodywork set which will enhance the looks of your bike at an affordable price.

Comprised of the following TYGA panels:

BPFU-0021type1:  Upper Cowling, Street, GRP, NC30, Stock Shape, Assy, Painted Type 1

Stock shape, replaces the front upper as well as the two side inspection panels. Fits directly to stock or BPFL-0003 lowers.

Painted in the NC30 Type 1 Colours

BPFL-0003Btype1: Lower Cowling, GRP, NC30, Stock Shape, Painted Type 1

Street one piece lower cowling with open bottom as stock. Direct replacement for OEM Honda lower left, right and inner cowls.

Painted in NC30 Type 1 colours

BPFT-0021type1: Seat Cowling, GRP, NC30, Twin, Stock Shape, Street, Painted Type 1

Stock shape seat cowling with taillight holes, painted in NC30 Type 1 colours. Twin seat, direct replacement for stock NC30 seat cowling in the same shape.

This seat cowling uses OEM seat pad, also can be used with passenger seat cover BPFX-0021type1

BPFF-0005rosswhite: Front Fender (GRP) NC23,NC29, NC30, Stock Shape, Painted Ross White, (NH-196)

Top quality GRP reproduction of the stock OEM Honda front fender (weight of fender approx. 0.3 kg)

Painted in Honda Ross White (NH-196)

BPFG-0005type1: Fuel Tank, GRP, VFR400R NC30, Painted Type 1

Top quality reproduction of the steel NC30 fuel tank in GRP. This product is a direct replacement for the stock NC30 fuel tank and saves approx. a third of the weight of the stock one (2.6 kg ours, 3.9kg for the steel one).

Painted in NC30 Type 1 Colours

Using specially formulated epoxy resin for fuel resistance, this tank has been tested with a range of fuels from 95 unleaded pump fuel to E20 (20% ethanol).

Laminated with a Kevlar layer for abrasion and puncture resistance, this fuel tank is both strong and light. Unlike most aftermarket fuel tanks, this one is designed so that there is no compromise with installation and through use of high quality CNC machined aluminium inserts, retains the original associated hardware including the stock Honda or keyless fuel tank filler caps and stock fuel cock.

Like the stock Honda fuel tank, it has the correct plumbing for the Honda type breather valve incorporated in the design and also the overflow/drain tube. Uses the stock Honda mounting rubbers for ease and peace of mind in fitment.


SCRE-0036: Screen (clear) NC30, Kit

As default this kit is supplied with a clear screen, please let us know if you want a tinted in the comment box (check out)